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The Career Advice that Really Works


Does your student need a little help finding a direction for the future? Are they about to graduate and can’t decide on a college major? Or feeling adrift in high school with little motivation for what’s next?

When students receive career advice, it usually centers around interest (what do you like to do?) and practicality (can you support yourself long-term?). But this advice fails to account for conative strengths: Will your job allow you to use your natural instincts in productive ways?

The OPgig® Career Program provides the missing piece of career advice. This research-backed assessment can help your student find a future career to strive for, based on what they are instinctively inclined to do.

Here’s what your results will tell you:

  • 20 Best Bet Careers™ based on your MO results and your interests
  • 20 additional career ideas that go beyond your interest areas but might be a good fit
  • 1,200 listed careers, including salary range and education requirements
  • List of “poor fit” careers that could lead to burnout and stress

The OPgig will give your student the gift of confidence as they finish high school and enter college. They can discover a future that matches their interests, skills, and instincts. Contact us to learn more or to create a custom plan for your student’s individual needs.