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Summer Adventures with Your MO

Every parent knows that summer can sometimes be just as stressful as it is fun. But, when you know your child’s MO, you can set yourself up for success!

Adventuring with your MO.... At the Beach

This summer, we’re challenging families to reduce stress and have more fun together by planning adventures based on how your child naturally takes action. Here are some ideas of what this could look like!

The Kansas City Zoo:

  • Fact Finder: Tell them the whole plan two days in advance
  • Follow Thru: Have them plan your route on the Zoo map, including a lunch stop
  • Quick Start: Surprise them in the morning, day of, by drawing a destination out of a hat
  • Implementor: Make your first stop the stingray pool where they can touch the animals
Adventuring with your MO.... At the Kansas City Zoo.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art:

Adventuring with your MO.... At the River Market
  • Fact Finder: Designate one room where they get to read every description label
  • Follow Thru: Ask them to create a plan for how everyone in the family can see at least two exhibits that they are interested in
  • Quick Start: Print and bring along “art museum bingo” cards
  • Implementor: Visit on a Saturday or Sunday from 1-4 pm for the museum’s “Free Weekend Fun” – which includes hands-on and close-looking activities

One of our clients recently told us, “I think doing this was pretty timely… we have lots of free time and need to figure out how to promote staying busy! It’s also helped me with a sanity check on things that happen around here.”

When you adventure with your child’s MO in mind, you’ll discover that everyone has more fun, with less stress and fewer complaints. Follow us on social media (@e3academyteam) for more ideas this summer, and let us know what adventures you discover!