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Serving Others… Sharing Hope

Did you know that E3 Academy has resources specifically developed for nonverbal students and young adults?

Charlie IV enjoys helping

Charlie Tietgen III (co-founder) and his son, Charlie IV, recently traveled to Tennessee as part of a serve team to help those affected by flooding. While there, they had the opportunity to talk with several families about how E3 Academy can help nonverbal children/adults. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a path to success, whether that means a roof over their heads, a better learning plan in school, or both.

Typically, our assessments use questions like, “If I were solving a difficult problem, I would rely on…” But these types of questions only help those who can verbally express their feelings and needs.

For children with autism, down syndrome, or other unique needs, this is ineffective.

Instead, we offer a hands-on assessment where students are given a set of seemingly random objects and some simple instructions.

Charlie III

We then use their reaction to the scenario to draw conclusions about their unique instincts. This allows you as a parent to discover things about your child that they never could have expressed to you on their own.

Charlie III and his son Charlie IV proud to help.

For students with diverse abilities, discovering the way they naturally take action is life-changing. If we can help your family, please click the Contact Us button at the top of this page.