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Nurture Your Nature

Are you tired of watching your child struggle to engage in school?

Are you looking for a way to reduce stress in your child’s life AND in your own?

Struggling with lack of direction but want the best for them?

Lack of engagement from your teen in their future planning?

Are they having trouble focusing and overwhelmed with school?

Is your child frustrated and not engaging in school?

High performer but need help managing stress?

Are you struggling to connect with your child?

Are they losing hope and withdrawn?

Trouble with acting out?

Is your child’s poor decision making hurting your relationship?

Is peer pressure from the wrong influence affecting your child?

The Nurture Your Nature Workshop is completely free and is designed for parents who want their child to leverage the natural-born talents that make them who they are.

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Academic Struggles



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College Future Planning



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Communication and Stress with Kids



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Misbehaving Kids

Interests Change,

Desires Change,

At the “Nurture Your Nature” workshop you’ll learn how to help your child understand and tap into their natural instincts to maximize their skills and talents. Reducing stress and frustrations while helping them better engage with their learning environment.

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The E3 Program helps your child understand and tap into their natural instincts to maximize their special skills and talents.

Unlock your child’s natural strengths to help them:

• Reduce stress and frustration

• Embrace their potential

• Engage in their learning environment

• Experience pride and confidence

• Cultivate better friendships and home relationships

We believe every child is instinctively awesome, created with unique combinations of strengths and instincts. Our goal is to reveal and unlock those instincts.

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“The Kolbe Wisdom is cutting-edge knowledge with powerful, immediate

applications. There’s nothing else like it.”



When parents learn their child’s unique striving instincts, their natural way of “doing,” they can improve communication, relationships, leadership skills, and problem solving. When students know their unique way of achieving goals, they will be more productive and less stressed.


Our efficacy metrics will alert you to areas where your child is struggling, so that you can gain tools and resources to tackle those problems in the real

world. The efficacy assessment can be retaken over time to demonstrate improvement and highlight areas of continuing need.


Provide your child a future development path to follow using the OPgig® assessment for academic and career orientation. This can include college course selection based on what they are instinctively inclined to do and their interests.


Parents, we need to learn about you too. The Kolbe A assessment is the adult version of the Student Aptitude Quiz. Learning your strengths will help you understand how you and your child differ in your natural instincts, thereby improving your relationship and communication.


This document provides parents and guardians with actionable information about their child’s strengths so that you can empower them for success. Plus, you will receive the E3 Wisdom Code, for free, to take your knowledge a step further.

What Do We Measure?

Your child has a unique approach to problem-solving based on their natural drive. Kolbe is the only assessment that focuses on just this one thing. It measures your talents and your natural way of achieving success, which your child can build on for school, career selection, and life satisfaction. The Kolbe Theory, used with the E3 Program, is research-backed and provides specifically-designed insights about your child’s natural will. This powerful information equips parents and educators to modify processes in a way that will bring out your child’s best self.

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A quick Internet search will reveal hundreds, if not thousands, of personality tests and performance assessments. These measure your knowledge and personal preferences which can and do change over time. While this information is helpful, it’s missing the most important part: how a person naturally takes action.

“Conation” is the “Doing” part of the mind. The reasons why you do what you do! Once you understand the science behind instincts, an entire world of explanations and strategies unlocks your child’s unique learning strengths.

Your MO (modus operandi) is how you instinctively operate! how you are naturally wired from birth to approach problem solving.

The biggest benefit of understanding your child’s instincts is knowing what drives their actions and how to enable that. This information shifts the narrative from frustration to understanding-improving relationships, communication and well-being.

Our assessments are easy to take and provide results within 30 minutes.

Many different companies use Kolbe Wisdom to improve working relationships.

E3 is the first to implement it in familial relational development.

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Nurture Your Child’s Nature

Embrace their strengths.

“My children have very different MOs than mine.
We subscribed to “you do you and let me be me.”
It is so exciting to watch them grow confidently because they know to embrace their strengths.”

Cheryl Coutchie, Director, Warner, Norcross & Judd, LLP


“Before we received his results we would argue about the smallest of things. It was a power struggle that left both of us sad and frustrated.”

“After learning my son’s natural instincts everything changed. I had to start giving him space and working with his natural responses. Allowing him to get things done at his own pace helped 100%.”


Single Parent of a `15 Year Old

From Suffering to Outstanding!

“MY SON WAS SUFFERING TERRIBLY, as was the entire family. He was failing in school and had no friends.”

“NOW HE IS GETTING OUTSTANDING GRADES and has been successful in school activities. It’s made a very sad young person a joyful one. It is the common-sense approach that had been missing.”

E3 was founded to Embrace, Empower, and Encourage youth and families. E3 uses principles of conation, developed by Kathy Kolbe, the renowned expert in conation research. We champion better self-understanding because it leads to better self- management, enabling your child to operate at their full, natural potential.

Claire’s Path to Her Superpowers

As a child, Claire struggled in school. She was different and did not fit within the traditional framework of public school. Although there were special needs programs in place, they didn’t take into consideration how Claire learned. Claire and her parents struggled to figure out how to make things better for Claire. After falling behind in school for years and failing nearly every class, Claire took the Kolbe Student Aptitude Assessment. She found her strengths, and her parents worked with the school to make accommodations that worked for Claire’s personal needs. She went from failing to making As/Bs! Plus, this new self-knowledge has allowed Claire to be more resilient in all situations.
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