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Charlie Tietgen participates in new Hasna Sal installation

New lights at Independence Plaza Park honor survivors of human trafficking and create a safer place for children to play. Three colorful, lighted glass panels are now in place atop light poles at Independence Plaza Park, a creation by artist Hasna Sal as part of a $1.2 million renovation of the park. They bring light to the playground and are also visible to drivers and pedestrians along the street. The art pieces were specifically created to tell a narrative of caring, sharing, and nurturing.

Northeast News wrote of the project, “The three lighted glass panels are secured to light poles along the Avenue on the north side of the park at the playground. Creating this new series was a full circle moment for Sal, whose first installation in the neighborhood was at Lykins Square Park, a memorial to victims of human trafficking.”

Live in Light at Independence Plaza Park
Live in Light at Independence Plaza Park

Charlie Tietgen, E3 Academy’s co-founder and CEO, was please to work with Sal on the completion of this project. Tietgen worked with the artist to create the concept of how to illuminate and install the panels. He built the 200-pound metal frames for the glass, created the internal backlighting, and then installed the light poles and the artwork. Previously, Charlie was also the project contractor for Sal’s similar installation at Lykins Park.