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Move Over Taylor Swift…

…Kathy Kolbe already knows a thing or two about being Person of the Year! In 1985, Kathy Kolbe was featured in Time Magazine’s Man of the Year issue for her groundbreaking accomplishments. Thanks to Kathy’s work, we now know All Too Well that kids who are struggling in school can’t simply Shake It Off; teachers and parents have to help them Speak Now about the tools they need to succeed in the classroom based on their natural instincts.

See what we did there?

Kathy Kolbe, born with dyslexia herself, grew up watching her father, Eldon Wonderlic, research and develop the first cognitive assessment used extensively by business and government. In 1975, she started her enterprise with a passionate commitment to helping elementary and high-school students of all ability levels navigate the educational system, learn more, and achieve their personal goals.

She founded Resources for the Gifted, whose team of educators, academics, and artists created over 100 books, games, and interactive activity kits. Working from a spare bedroom, she was driven to more fully understand what drives human performance and began her own research and development of the first conative assessment.

All these years later, her influence is still felt and her work is still being used to help children and adults utilize their unique, natural instincts. She may not be a household name like Taylor Swift, but she has spent the last 45+ years making life better for thousands of families.

To read the original article about Kathy Kolbe from the 1985 Man of the Year issue, visit https://time.com/vault/issue/1985-01-07/page/49/.