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Mary Lemon, Development Director, Completes Kolbe Adult Certification

E3 Academy is proud to share that Mary Lemon, Development Director at E3 Academy, has obtained her Kolbe Adult Certification. Mary is now both youth and adult certified, joining Charles Tietgen, CEO, who has previously received both Kolbe certifications as well.

Kolbe Certified Consultants complete a rigorous training program and follow up with continuing education requirements. Only Certified Consultants are allowed to offer interpretations on a person’s Kolbe A™ or Student Aptitude™ Quiz results. Kolbe Certification™ gives our team the knowledge and insights to identify people’s natural talents and help families and students utilize those talents productively.

Being both youth and adult certified means that our consultants can work with parents and children at the same time. With the addition of Mary Lemon’s adult certification, the E3 Academy team is now prepared to help twice as many families.

Congratulations, Mary!