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Kolbe Strengths Week 2023


May 1st-7th, 2023, was Kolbe Strengths Week, a week dedicated to helping people who may not be able to discover their strengths because of financial or social restraints. E3 Academy was pleased to participate in Kolbe Strengths Week by partnering with Synergy Services in KCMO. Throughout the week, E3 Academy worked with Synergy Services employees who support domestic violence victims, beginning the process of giving away a total of 120 different assessments and reports.

Kolbe Corp donated the assessments and E3 Academy donated the consultation hours. It was an inspiring week, with a large number of assessments given away completely for free. Thanks for partnering with us as we give the gift of resiliency and self-confidence to struggling students.

We’re on a mission to help all students understand their natural instincts. Did learning your MO make a difference in your life? Even though Kolbe Strengths Week has ended, it isn’t too late to pay it forward. When you donate a Student Aptitude™ Quiz to a child who couldn’t otherwise afford it, you are sharing life-changing knowledge that will help them in school today and in life through the years to come. Donate by clicking the “Donate Today” button in the top left corner of this page.