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Helping Students, Helping Families – Mary Lemon’s Story

For Mary Lemon, Director of Development, E3 Academy’s mission is personal; she’s seen first-hand what a difference it can make. When Mary’s sixth grade daughter decided to take a Kolbe assessment through E3 Academy, they were really struggling at home. While her daughter was always a good student, she and Mary often clashed, which led to stress and outbursts.

Once they learned about her instincts and natural strengths, they realized that they were primarily clashing over the way that her schoolwork was accomplished, not the actual work. Mary learned to step back and give her daughter permission to organize assignments however she wanted, even when those methods were very different from the way Mary wanted. Once those expectations changed, her daughter’s self-esteem went through the roof. They argued less and less, and she felt empowered to learn in her own way.

Years later, the success continues. Even during the pandemic, when many students struggled with virtual learning, Mary’s daughter had the tools to thrive. She’s now in 10th grade, taking all honors classes, getting straight As, and, most importantly, managing her own academic workload and stress levels.

When the Board of Directors asked Mary to join the E3 Academy team, she didn’t need much persuading. She wanted other struggling families to find the same success that she and her daughter had, so she dedicated her career to helping students full time.

If you call our office, it’s likely you’ll talk to Mary. She’d love to tell you about how our assessments can help your student.