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Finding a New Career… in 30 Minutes or Less!

Going back to school isn’t always an option for busy parents. The amount of time required for a new degree or certification, not to mention the cost, makes it an impossible goal for many families. But, if you are stuck in a career that isn’t fulfilling, there are other options.

Do not become another ugly statistic

E3 Academy recently had the privilege of working with a busy dad who was ready for a career change. With four kids, he couldn’t afford to go back to school, but he also couldn’t afford to stay stuck in his current job.

His results on the Kolbe A™ indicated that he is a very high Implementor, meaning that he is skilled in constructing tangible solutions and working with his hands. His current job, however (working a desk job for an auto repair shop), wasn’t allowing him to use those instincts at all.

He was ready to see what else was out there for him and his family. He decided to take the OPgig® Career Program, an assessment that will find your Best Bet Careers™ based on what you are instinctively inclined to do. In less than 30 minutes, he had a list of options that didn’t require an additional degree, including service technician, home inspector, aircraft mechanic, and more.

For adults and children age 10 and above, the OPgig assesses your conative strengths and interests, and then we review your results against career possibilities and offer suggestions. These assessment tools have been used by job holders and evaluators for over 40 years to identify the conative strengths required to succeed in specific jobs. The OPgig’s unique methodology cannot be found in any other career program.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this family. With a little hard work and a little help, anyone can find a new career that aligns with their instincts.