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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2015 by the Tietgen family. E3 Academy’s parent organization is E3 Scholarship Fund e3sf.org Learn more about us here.

This measures ONLY the conative part of the brain. It sees through trauma, intelligence and other bias. Learn more about why understanding your child’s instincts is important.

After our operating expenses are covered, we purchase assessments for disadvantaged children. We believe that all children can benefit from learning about their natural instincts. Your purchase helps us make this possible for children who would not otherwise be able to access these resources.

No, once you pay for your assessment you are not required to purchase anything else. If you would like to learn more, you can purchase additional coaching and workshops.

According to Kathy Kolbe’s research, there are three faculties of the mind: conative (doing), cognitive (thinking), and affective (feeling). The conative portion determines a person’s natural instincts. When you go against your natural instincts this creates conative stress. The Kolbe Theory™, developed by Kathy Kolbe, helps people to find the freedom to be themselves through understanding and using their conative abilities. Learn more about conation here.

This depends on your child’s age and where your child is in his or her developmental growth. We have a variety of Kolbe conative assessments for children and adults. To visit our assessments page and view all of our assessment types, click here.

Or contact us for help selecting the right assessment for your child.

Everyone is unique! The results will help you understand your child’s natural instincts. The results describe your four main action modes. Learn more about the Kolbe assessments here.

Developed by E3 co-founder Dr. Ramon Corrales, he was Co-Founder and Board Advisor for E3 Academy, in addition to creating the E3 Wisdom Code, the E3 Wisdom Code is a tool to help guide parents and teachers in their understanding of a child’s unique approach to learning.

This varies, depending on which assessment you or your child takes. The average length is around 20 minutes. Click here to see individual assessments for details.

Your child should take our assessments at home or in any quiet, distraction-free environment. Your child can also utilize the E3 Academy center to take their assessment if local to the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

The assessments start at $285. Click here for an overview of our assessments and pricing.

E3 Academy is now offering a Money Back Guarantee. Because we believe so strongly in what we do, we want to encourage as many as possible to give it a try! 100% Money Back Guarantee when an assessment and consultation are purchased together. To receive a refund you must request it in writing, within 7 days of the consultation. Please email the request to hello@e3-academy.org.