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Individual family or group consultations & workshops with a Kolbe-certified consultant from E3 Academy


If you’d like to learn more about your child’s Kolbe assessment results or the E3 Wisdom Code™, we offer private consultations in person, via phone or online. We are confident that we can help you help your child reveal and develop his or her unique strengths. During the consultation you will get an in-depth report reviewing their Kolbe strengths with tips on how to handle homework and other topics.  Workshops are the perfect complement to the Student Aptitude™ Quiz.

In addition to your personal consultation, you will also receive exclusive access to the foundational learning principles created by Dr. Ramon Corrales in the E3 Wisdom Code™, a guide that helps parents and teachers understand your child’s unique approach to learning through his or her Thinking, Feeling and Will faculties. 

Private consultations start at $160. Contact us for more information or click the link below to purchase your consultation.



Want to see the children and youth in your community gain self-confidence and thrive? Kolbe’s Student Aptitude Quiz is a tool that helps teachers, students, parents or any member of your community better understand people’s unique instinctual abilities.

Schedule a workshop, and we’ll help any group in your community! A certified Kolbe consultant will come to your community, school, church, scout group, etc. to administer the assessment. Our workshops can be hosted online or held in person for groups. Please contact us if you are outside of the Kansas City area for more information. You will receive an individualized report and interpretation for each student, who will then be able to advocate for themselves. With the knowledge of what makes their students tick, teachers will be able to allow their students to problem solve according to natural, instinctive capabilities. We will be there to support you every step of the way.

Contact us for more information on our workshops.