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Back-to-School Tips for Success

Set your child up for success this year by using these 5 simple tips for the back-to-school season:

  • Schedule regular check-ins – No news isn’t good news. Check in with your child frequently about how they’re feeling and what is happening during the school day.
  • Cut down on screen time – Start the year off right with boundaries around technology use. Capping screen use at 1-2 hours, not allowing phones at the table, and parental controls are some limits recommended by experts that can help your child have a healthy relationship with technology.
  • Set intentions for the year ahead – Help your child choose a “focus word” to guide them this year, like “kindness” or “engage”, and then ask them questions periodically about how their word is impacting them at school and at home.
Focus time
Focus time passion project
  • Choose a passion project – Encourage excitement about learning by suggesting they choose a personal project to pursue, like reading a book series just for fun or writing that computer program they are always talking about.
  • Create a “launch pad” space – Establish a place where everything for the next school day lives. Rather than having to collect items from all over the house each morning, have your children put everything (papers, backpacks, projects, etc.) in one designated space.

Good luck to all our returning students! We hope you have an amazing year ahead.