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E3 Academy was founded upon the conation principles founded by Kathy Kolbe, the renowned expert in conation research. We administer Kolbe assessments for parents and children, even providing free assessments to families in need. What’s more, E3 Academy provides practical understanding and recommendations for you to best interpret and leverage your child’s results for optimal learning through personal consultations. You will also be provided with the exclusive E3 Wisdom Code™, a guide on everyone’s unique approach to learning and building confidence.

E3 Academy believes that every child has his or her own distinct ways of doing things. We champion better self-understanding because it leads to better self-management.

And that enables your child to operate as his or her absolute best.

Our Services

We champion better self-understanding because it leads to better self-management. And that enables your child to operate at their full natural potential.

Using the Kolbe methodology and conative research, we empower families with a three-step approach to behavioral knowledge and personal development. We help families and children apply the insights that they learn from Kolbe assessments to improve their relationships and lives.

Kolbe Assessments

We offer Kolbe assessments to help families learn more about and understand their instinctive ways of doing things, their natural modes of operation. Learning the way your child learns is vital to their success. E3 Academy offers verified Kolbe assessments that are designed to assist you in educational planning for your children.

Kolbe Consultations

We offer private individual and/or family consultations with our Kolbe Certified™ Consultants. Our consultants are trained in the Kolbe System™ and its foundational conative theory. Our consultants help parents and children understand their Kolbe results and why their child instinctively does things in his or her own special way. Our consultants can help families nurture their child’s Action Modes™ to help them become better problem-solvers, not just at school but also at home and throughout life.

The E3 Wisdom Code

When you take a Kolbe assessment through E3 Academy, you not only receive personal consultation to best interpret your results, but you also get exclusive access to the foundational learning principles from Dr. Ramon Corrales in the E3 Wisdom Code™.

The E3 Wisdom Code principles help educators, parents and caregivers teach and manage children according to each CHILD’S way and is built upon the two pillars of self-esteem: ACCEPTANCE & ACHIEVEMENT. Developed by E3 co-founder Dr. Ramon Corrales, a certified Kolbe consultant and E3 Board Advisor, the E3 Wisdom Code is a tool to help guide parents and teachers in their understanding of a child’s unique approach to learning through the three faculties of mind: Thinking, Feeling, and the Will.

Our Team

Whether it’s learning new information or expressing ideas, each child is made with instinctual modus operandi, which are often overlooked or misunderstood. And that’s where we come in.


Co-Founder and CEO

Charles Tietgen, father of 3, has worked with substance abuse teens for over 35 years. He has worked with at-risk students within local high schools. This includes special needs children who have a school IEP (Individual Education Plan). He is a certified Kolbe Youth Specialist and a Kolbe Certified Consultant.




At 13 years old, Claire Teitgen co-founded the E3 Academy nonprofit with her father. Through both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Kolbe Assessment she was able to take control of her life and became a suicide survivor and anti-bullying advocate. Claire has won 11 gold medals in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has three state powerlifting records. She is a strong, confident young lady.

She advocates for children through public speaking engagements about anti-bullying measures being put in place with corporations, schools and churches. That advocacy led Claire to create a YouTube series, Bullied But Not Broken, where she interviews professional athletes and celebrities about their personal experience with bullying.

In 2015, she was named the WIN for KC “Youth Sports Girl of the Year.” (WIN for KC is a division of the Kansas City Sports Commission.) In 2017, she earned the President’s Volunteer Service GOLD Award. This is a prestigious national honor that highlights commitment to serving the community and the nation.



Development Director

Mary was inspired to work for E3 Academy when her own family experienced the positive impact of learning their natural instincts. Throughout her 20-plus years in the hospitality sales arena, she has built a reputation for understanding what it takes to provide flawless customer service and support to her clients. Helping families learn and work with their unique instincts is no different. In 2020, Mary decided to dedicate her career to helping others full time and joined the E3 Scholarship Fund/E3 Academy team. One of her many accomplishments is leading her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop for the last seven years.



Ph.D., Co-Founder and Board Advisor

We are deeply saddened to share that our long-time mentor Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D., passed away on January 19, 2024.

Ramon came to the United States from the Philippines in 1968 on a Fullbright Scholarship, moving to Kansas City with his wife and two daughters in 1975.

Ramon devoted the last 30 years of his professional life to understanding Kolbe wisdom, graciously sharing his knowledge with E3. He helped bring out the best in thousands of people throughout his career, always demonstrating an attitude of selfless service. Ramon was Co-Founder and Board Advisor for E3 Academy, in addition to creating the E3 Wisdom Code. He authored numerous books and articles and gave generously of his coaching services on a pro bono basis. He was an influential leader and a great man. He will be deeply, truly missed by all those who knew him.


Our Story

Charles Tietgen founded E3 Academy after watching his daughter, Claire, flourish when she discovered her natural talents and instinctual strengths as a result of taking a Kolbe assessment.

After falling behind in school for years and failing nearly every class, Claire took the Kolbe Student Aptitude™ Quiz. She found her strengths, and her parents worked with the school to make accommodations that worked for Claire’s personal needs. She went from failing to making As/Bs! Plus, this new self-knowledge has allowed Claire to be more resilient in all situations.

Read Claire’s story and testimonials from other E3 Academy clients >

E3 Academy is a Nonprofit Organization

When you donate to E3 Academy, your gift provides scholarship funds for assessments and development plans, which helps a child build confidence and self-esteem.

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