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5 Steps to The Perfect Thanksgiving

Don’t let the stress of planning Thanksgiving ruin your holiday! When you know your family’s specific talents (their natural instincts) you can work with their strengths and assemble a team to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Step 1: Figure out who will be involved in preparing for the festivities. Will it be just your family, or do you need to plan around grandparents and other extended family?

Step 2: Ask those who lead with Implementor to determine the layout of the tables and chairs, to make sure that everyone will fit in your space. Put them in charge of the setup that morning, too.

Step 3: Ask those who lead with Follow Thru to plan the menu and the schedule for how to prep it. Have them pre-order the turkey, set a reminder to thaw it, and decide which foods can be prepared in advance.

Step 4: Ask those who lead with Quick Start to come up with a list of games to play and fun topics to discuss as a group during and after the meal. Don’t expect them to do it until Thanksgiving morning, though!

Step 5: Ask those who lead with Fact Finder to compile the Thanksgiving research. They can look up the historical facts about your family traditions (why do we eat pumpkin pie? how did the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade get started?) or research the exact time and temp for the perfect turkey.

With these 5 steps in place, you’ll be sure to have a stress-free Thanksgiving! While we can’t guarantee that you won’t burn the stuffing, we can guarantee that your family will feel happier and more fulfilled when everyone gets to participate in ways that align with their strengths.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at E3 Academy!